Roofing Services

We Know Roofs

McGrath Exteriors has over 25 years of experience, serving Minnesota homeowners. We know roofing and siding. With our high quality material your roof will look the best and be the best for years to come. We offer services for any type of roofing, such as:

  • ​Flat roofs
  • Sloped roofs
  • Shingled roofs
  • Tiled roofs
  • ​Wood Roofs
  • Rubber Roofs
  • Hot-Tar Roofs

We also offer a variety of colors and styles which is dependent on the type of roof you choose. For commercial buildings often times a flat roof is the top choice. Flat roofs provide a sharp, crisp and industrial look. For traditional homeowners a popular choice is an asphalt single roof. These are outstanding for versatility including style and color options, great coverage, budget friendly, and longevity. Tile roofs are less common in the Midwest as they maintain a classic Spanish look. Tile is unique in characteristics with exceptional durability, and minimal environmental impact. Wood shakes and wood shingle roofing products are popular in Minnesota and the rest of the Midwest for their natural appearance. Manufactured from redwood, red cedar or cypress trees, a wood roof can transform your home to a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. If you desire to maintain a natural look, wood shake or wood shingle roofing products are not only attractive and impressive, but also dependable choices.

Many times a roof is damaged by a storm or severe weather condition. Though devastating, this is a perfect time to repair or replace your roof as it’s typically covered 100% by your homeowners insurance. We will work with you and your insurance company to replace your roof damaged by storm with a new quality product. Our goal is for costs to you be minimal to none with this type of project. Damage to shingles, the roof deck, or any types of roof exposure are damages that are covered by insurance.

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