Eastern Roofing & Siding has served thousands of Minneapolis and St Paul homeowners with high-quality gutter solutions using aluminum, vinyl, copper and more. All of our gutters and eaves are custom designed on location to eliminate leaky joints and ensure a perfect fit. These properly fitted gutters and eaves help protect your home from erosion and damage caused by runoff water, and can help prevent expensive, future repairs. Whether you need new gutters or eaves, repairs or damaged materials removal, we offer a service that can help meet your needs.

Gutter Types We Offer

Aluminum Gutters
These will not rust, and are reasonably priced. Additionally, many manufacturers carry warranties of 50 years or more, and this, combined with our installation warranty, means a home run for you.

Copper Gutters
Like aluminum gutters, these don’t rust. They will enhance the look of your home and are very easy to maintain.

Vinyl Gutters
Vinyl gutters are also incapable of rusting, and they are unable to be dented by poorly placed ladders and other problems. Since they’re the same color inside and out, scratches and scrapes won’t stand out.

Seamless Gutters
Seamless gutters are increasing in popularity with homeowners as they are just one piece, meaning less points of failure.

Other Gutters and Eaves Services

Corrosion Inhibiting Coatings
Help to inhibit your gutters from corroding

Rubber Linings and Leaf Screens
Rubber linings help protect your gutters from wear and tear and leaf screens prevent leaves from clogging up the works.

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